Autumn of the Lake in Trakoscan, Croatia. Lake underneath the castle Trakoscan in Croatia. Just before sunrise on top of the mountain around 1300 m above sea. On mountain called Velebit, on peak called Zuti Kuk.    Silhouette of my best friend with my tripod :) Rainbow in the glasses. Dynamic image of colored water in 4 glasses. Green, red, yellow and blue colors. Blue, yellow and red liquids splash and mix in the air. Image of the glasses with liquids is taken just moment after glasses hit the table. Red and blue liquids splash and mix in the air just moment after hitting the table. Orange flower on the black background. Where is smoke there is fire. Water droplet in front of the hand. Simple shot of Red Paprika in aquarium filled with water. Riding a bug that landed on my table lamp. Interesting Fireworks in the sky. Very interesting animal similar to ostrich. Sad Lion, looking straight at you ! HDR Landscape of Croatian mountain and surroundings, Risnjak. Water drop, droplet. Rest of the water is cut out, post processed. Two flashes with color gels were used to get blue and red colors.